IC Sports

For the leisure rider


Bi-Focal Sports Glasses White Frame
AU$ 72.50
Extra polarised lens (0 diopter) @ $ 10

For cyclists who typically use bifocals or reading glasses off the bike, being able to read the road ahead and their speed on the computer can be a challenge.

Enter ICSports glasses, the first cycling specific sunglasses that have a built in magnification section at the bottom of the lens to help put things closer to the rider into clear view.

The lightweight, sport-styled shades come in two frame colours, all equipped with the “optimized magnification zone” so you don’t have to squint when you look at a small screen. The glass, a shatterproof polycarbonate, comes in clear and amber. The lenses are 100% UV protecting, and the frame has a solid feel on the head with wrap-around bows and a non-slip rubber nose piece. They are super light, tipping the scale at just 20 grams.

Offering magnification windows of 1.5x, 2.0x 2.5x and 3.0x, the lenses are made of shatterproof polycarbonate and offer 100% UV protection. Each set comes with a semi hard carry case with pockets for the lenses you are not using, a micro fibre pouch, neoprene strap and three different colour polycarbonate shatter proof lens sets for safety, 400 UV protection. A choice of black or white frames is available.

You may optionally order separate plain Polarised Sun lenses (without magnification) for our Rider White Frame Sports Glasses. These lenses give the opportunity to have high quality sunglasses for just $7 extra.

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