IC Sports

For the leisure rider

18lt Remote Control Backpack
AU$ 120.00
2lt hydro bladder (+$ 20)

This 18Lt Remote Control Cycling Backpack for Safety is a multi-functional backpack, which is a completely new product in our range.

Catering for cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts, this backpack has been awarded the prestigious ISPO 2014 Asia product of the year and is  an ideal day pack for the commuter.

It has an easy-to-use push button, remote wireless control pad on your handlebar, which activates the LED lights on your backpack.

This backpack has a lightweight design, with two drink bottle pockets and padding for comfort, and an internal devider for a two litre hydro bladder and compartments of easy packing.

It features:

  • Left and Right Turning arrows
  • Flashing warning light 
  • Manual stop indicator light
  • USB charging
  • Designed to take a Hydro Bladder  (as an Extra)
  • Light weight , well-padded for comfort ideal day bag

What's included?

  • Backpack
  • Fold away rain cover for extra weather protection
  • Built in USB cable (for charging)
  • Wireless remote control pad
  • Cable ties for fixing the pad to your handlebar
  • Instruction manual


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