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Prescription glasses

Prescription Sports Glasses
AU$ 55.50

These dual frame glasses allows you to have your optometrist insert your optical prescription in the inner frame now you have your long distance as well as reading covered.

The outer frame come with a polarized sun lenses, yellow lenses and clear lenses.

Rated AS/NZS 1067:2003 safety frames and lenses gives you the ultimate protection from the sun when outside or workshop protection.

Polycarbonate lenses are used through our range of glasses.

We have thought of your comfort soft rubber grips on the nose bridge and arms keeps the glasses in place.

Three interchangeable coloured shatter proof polycarbonate lenses gives you your choice of lenses for all riding conditions:

  • Polarized lenses for sunny bright days. 400UV protection
  • Solid Yellow for dull days and night riding
  • Clear for inside or overcast days ideal for safety glasses around the home work shop or garden.

The lenses are easy to remove from the frames and change over to another colour. Noted for their UV 400 protection.

Each set of frames and lenses comes complete in a semi-hard case with lenses pockets, neoprene strap, name id label inside, Microfibre pouch doubles as a cleaning cloth as standard supply.

All this for $55.00 AU, free postage in Australia.

We would be pleased to quote international destinations on request.

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